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Cook your way to good health!

with Saladmaster Cookware

Saladmaster cooking  system keeps the integrity and value of whole foods we cook and prepare.


If you are health conscious, and care about your family's health you need to know about the cookware surfaces your might be cooking on. Waterless and oil-less 316TI Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium cookware is the best choice for healthy cooking.

Saladmaster selects only the finest materials for their products.  316TI Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium that they use is of a much higher grade and sheen than the stainless steels used by other cookware companies. In fact, 316TI  is widely known and respected in the medical field for it's high performance and durability, and is used to make the world's finest  surgical and health equipment. Safe cooking with Saladmaster 316TI Surgical Stainless Steel releases NO heavy metals to the food we prepare.


Saladmaster engineering allows many vitamins and minerals, otherwise lost, to be preserved in the food due to low cooking temperatures and water- free cooking. Saladmaster  saves up to 93% of the micro nutrients by eliminating high heat & water. Nutrition found in whole food cooking enhances and lengthens our lives. Food, properly prepared, helps us to feel better, look better, and think better. Antioxidants kept in the food during the cooking process slows down the aging process, and strengthens the immune system.


When it comes to your family's health, you want the very best. The Saladmaster Health System promotes healthier lifestyles in the kitchen.   Saladmaster cookware cooks food without adding excess water or oil and using low heat. Water drains foods of essential nutrients and oil adds unwanted fat. With low heat, water free cooking your foods will retain more of their natural vitamins, minerals, texture and flavor. Our customers tell us once they switched to Saladmaster, their appetites decreased because their vitamin and mineral intake increased. Their bodies were simply telling them they were satisfied with less food.
Our food looks and tastes great because of the retention of all the vitamins & minerals. Wellness through healthy food preparation radically reduces the cost of being sick.


Vapo Valve
Saladmaster  Cookware features the patented Vapo Valve, which takes the guesswork out of cooking. When the temperature inside reaches the desired temperature for preparing foods without harming the nutritional aspects, the Vapo Valve begins to click, alerting you to turn down the temperature. No need to open the lid or stir the food to prevent scorching or burning. The convenient Vapo Valve eliminates the need for stirring or constant "pot watching".

Saladmasters vapo-valve system activates at approximately 180° to 187° degrees Fahrenheit below boiling and below steaming high enough to kill the bacteria, low enough to preserve even more of the vitamins and minerals. With the Saladmaster system of food preparation your food cooks faster at low heat and it preserves an average of 93% of your foods nutrients.

(Reference: University of Wisconsin, Department of Food and Science and Hazelton laboratory, Wisconsin)

Note: Vitamins and minerals break down when exposed to temperatures above 200ºF. with Common cooking practices such as boiling (212ºF); steaming (232ºF) and microwaving the foods (400ºF) can substantially reduce the vitality of your food

Versa Loc
No more problems stacking your cookware and fitting them neatly into your cabinets. Storing has never been easier than with our exclusive, Versa Loc detachable Handle System. Plus it provides for convenient stove to table service turning a pan into an elegant serving piece with just a click. Clean up and storage are a breeze also. Simply remove the handles and place in the dishwasher or cabinets. Best of all, Versa Loc handles are safer and stronger than traditional handle technology.


Why Semi Vacuum Cook (Sous-vide) in Saladmaster

Sous vide is the practice of cooking food at low temperatures in vacuum-packed plastic bags. (The term is essentially French for "vacuum-packed.") A method of cooking that is intended to maintain the integrity of ingredients by heating them for an extended period of time at relatively low temperatures. Food is cooked for a long time, sometimes well over 24 hours. Sous-vide cooking uses airtight plastic bags placed in hot water well below boiling point (usually around 60°C or 140°F). But cooking in plastic bag has some health concerns and doesnt sound to healthy to me, Also It takes a long period of time.

Start Healthy Semi vacuum (sous vide) cooking in 316TI cookware and keep more of the flavor in foods and cook it faster!

Semi-vacuum is a very healthful way to cook food. Food cooked the Semi-vacuum way is a reduced oxygen environment with little added water and cooked at low temperatures.
The three elements- heat, oxygen and water, most responsible for reducing the nutritional content of conventionally prepared foods are of much lesser scale in semi-vacuum style cooking.

Cooking in a vacuum, oxidation is significantly reduced, preserving the qualities of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moisture and flavors are also preserved in the same manner. Cooking semi-vacuum is all about using less of everything- fat, oil, salt, spices and water, this all translates into foods with more retained natural minerals and essential vitamins.

“As with all foods, freshness and minimal processing intervals greatly affect the nutritional profile. Food  items prepared using semi-vacuum highlight fresh textures and lively flavors, making healthful food more interesting to consume. Because dishes are richer in taste, semi-vacuum cooking appeals to the palate, while still maintaining valuable nutritional properties of fresh, wholesome foods.”

Cooking at lower temperatures for a shorter time is the essence of semi-vacuum cooking and has many benefits:
• Foods retain their natural moisture better, shrink less and make more tender.
• Natural flavor, color and aroma are retained for better sensual values.
• Healthy minerals and vitamins are not destroyed during semi-vacuum cooking process.
• Recipes can be easily repeated with consistent results.Reduce food costs - less food wastage, better yield due to less food shrinkage, better   utilization of food ingredients including tougher cuts of meats
• Reduce costs – semi-vacuum cooking simply requires less energy to cook and make kitchen environment cleaner and cooler


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